The key is to professionalize at ELT

The key is to professionalize at ELT


If you are an English teacher, you know that updating on current trends and practices is essential for students to become successful members of a global society. The demand for second language skills, particularly in English, is unquestionable these days, and learners deserve the best from their teachers to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Since 1974, the flagship program, Licenciatura en Educación con Especialidad en English Language Teaching, has graduated more than 150 teachers specialized on the teaching of English as a second language. Alumni from the program are leading teachers in Guatemala, United States and even in Asia. We’re proud of their work, and their success is a key factor on the continuity on supporting the mission of educating our students on the subject.

Julie Harris, M.Ed., Director of the Licenciatura en Educación con especialidad en English Language Teaching at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), comments on the importance of professionalization in ELT.

Your best tools are your skills

English teachers face many challenges in the classroom, both personally and professionally, and additional to being competent in teaching, knowing and speaking English well, a teacher must be updated and engaged in different areas of professional development like:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Student-centered lessons designed to motivate and engage students
  • Digital literacy
  • Leadership
  • 21st century skills to be competitive in a global society

“The teacher should also be involved in reflective practice: know his/her weaknesses and strengths in the context of teaching and learning, as well as personally and professionally.” Julie Harris

Professional Development as an English Teacher

The Universidad del Valle graduate of the Licenciatura en Educación con Especialidad en English Language Teaching is an English as a Foreign Language/English as a Second Language (EFL/ESL) professional who has a solid theoretical understanding of and a practical approach to the academic, pedagogical, and management roles in the field of ELT.

The first 3 years are dedicated to developing competencies to teach English at the secondary level and the following 2 years are focused on learning how to design and develop a language curriculum and manage an ELT program.

The ELT graduate may apply for a job in the private and public educational contexts as an EFL/ESL educator, tutor, coordinator/manager of an ELT program, teacher trainer, and consultant. According to Julie Harris’ experience, graduates believe the career at UVG has given them the solid support, prestige, and quality education they needed when applying for a job in English Language Teaching.

Find out more about all the advantages offered by the Licenciatura en Educación con Especialidad en English Language Teaching!!  Contact Julie Harris, M.Ed., Director.  Email:; phone 2507-1500 Extension 21512.


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