LACTLD Commercial and Technical Workshop

LACTLD Commercial and Technical Workshop

For the second time, the .gt Domain Registry had the honor to host a Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs Organization (LACTLD) event. From September 9th to 12th, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG) was the venue of the Commercial and Technical Workshop.

LACTLD is the organization that groups 28 country code domain name administrators (ccTLD) from Latin America and the Caribbean. The objective of the workshops is to encourage cooperation and exchange of experiences to develop more innovative practices in the management of domain names. 

In order to boost collaborative work, for the first time, two work groups from different areas, commercial and technical, were gathered together. The event brought together 24 representatives from 14 countries, including Guatemala. Topics discussed included Technical Terms for Dummies, IPv4 vs. IPv6, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), among others.

Of course, each group also covered specific topics. For example, in the commercial area, talks covered topics such as Customer Service as a Value Proposition, eCommerce Trends and Digital Marketing, and Use of Dmains vs. Use of Social Networks, among others. On the technical side, discussions covered areas such as DNS + IPFS Optimization, Infrastructure Attacks and General Security Issues, among others.

This workshop has placed itself as one with greatest participation and representativeness. In person, there were representatives from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.  Remotely there were about 20 people connected from 9 ccTLDs.

Marimba Club impressed visitors

Since 1999, the marimba is one of the national symbols of Guatemala and, during one of the lunches, while the guests tasted Guatemalan cuisine, UVG’s Marimba Club -integrated by students and graduates of different academic programs- interpreted emblematic Guatemalan melodies including El ferrocarril de los altos, Noche de luna entre ruinas, ¿Por qué?, among others. In addition, and to the surprise of the guests, they enjoyed the adaptation in marimba of one of the most iconic songs of popular music, We will rock you, by Queen. 

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