Customer service as a value proposition

Customer service as a value proposition

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala is betting heavily on providing excellent customer service as part of its 2016-2020 strategic plan. Along these lines, the .gt Domain Registry has implemented a series of improvements to offer its customers something more than a domain name.

“We needed to find a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, since the .gt Domain Registry has always only offered the domain name service. After doing an analysis in 2014, we focused our efforts on having the best customer service.”

Our social media specialist, Ivy Contreras, conveyed the results of these efforts in her presentation “Customer Service as a value proposition” at the ICANN meeting in Kobe, Japan held on March 9th to 14th 2019.

Cycle of service and moments of truth

The talk explained that a service cycle describes the complete experience of the client within an organization. “Within each stage of the cycle there are moments of truth that are key events that form the client’s opinion about the organization.” In the case of the .gt Domain Registry, each moment of truth was evaluated within its service cycle and changes were made focused on improving customer service.

“For example, a real moment for our customers is when they fill out the reservation form. It used to take them 10 minutes to fill it even if they already had a registered .gt domain name. Now, if they already have a domain name with us, we verify the information stored, and in less than 3 minutes the process is completed.”

Also, it was mentioned that the website has been evolving over time. The current design has been made responsive to navigation from any device. In addition, infographics have been developed to explain the procedure to subscribers. In the same way, a service survey was implemented as a way to receive the impressions or suggestions of the subscribers.

What is coming?

To achieve excellence that transcends, we are working on a Registry-Registrar model which will provide added value to users who register a .gt domain name. For example, getting an administration panel for their domains, hosting services or email accounts through the official registrars.

.gt Domain Registry currently has a 97% customer satisfaction according to the service survey in which 2,300 users have participated over 5 years.

Our clients recommend us:

“Excellent customer service, great support and good reliability. They surpass any expectations, I feel very backed up with your support. Thank you!” Carlos Navarro – CEO EvolutivA

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Last modified: 29/03/2019