We survived the DNS Flag Day


We survived the DNS Flag Day

Did you notice that the internet is not the same since February 1st, 2019? On that day the biggest update of the Domain Name Service (DNS) was carried out. This was known as DNS Flag Day, and if you did not notice it, it is because it was a success.

The DNS system went more than 20 years without changes and still worked because temporary patches were created to ignore certain behaviors deviated from the standard in the DNS servers (Nic .cl, 2018). However, the new update will no longer allow these patches. With this update, the operation will be more efficient and will allow operators to deploy modern functionalities, including new cybersecurity mechanisms.

In preparation for the DNS Flag Day, in October 2018 we detected that a 0.75% of the .gt domain names would fail after the changer. As of that date, the .gt Domain Registry carried out an awareness campaign through publications on the website, on social media and by email. Also, the holders of .gt domain names reporting errors were contacted directly. This reduced the error rate to 0.43% by January 2019.

Internet users without a domain name need not worry about this and can keep on browsing normally, since all the changes are exclusive of the organizations holding domain names and the companies that provide DNS services.

“Our experience is very positive because you deal with people who know their job well, and enjoy what they are doing because they attend very humanely and professionally well.” – Ricardo Avila Espejo / Arte Papel, S.A.

Guatemala will host the LACTLD Commercial and Technical Workshops

Last modified: 20/02/2019


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