The importance of encryption

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The importance of encryption

When we send our encrypted data, what we do is simply send them converted through mathematical or logical formulas, so that only the chosen recipient has the necessary codes to decipher and read them. Encryption becomes especially important when it comes to protecting our data and the information we send or receive from attacks against our privacy.

Encryption is key to secure online communications for everything from financial transactions to medical care. It is a fundamental component on which a reliable and efficient Internet is built.

WhatsApp is an application, out of many, that offers end-to-end encryption that ensures that only the sender and the receiver can read the messages, and nobody else, not even WhatsApp can. However, some governments see encrypted communication as a barrier to law enforcement, the fight against terrorism and public security. 

Along with the growing inconformity of those governments, some companies resist end-to-end encryption for commercial purposes. More and more governments are joining the ranks of those against message encryption, which could end up in the creation of laws that require access to them. Although the encoded messages could help in the fight against crime, or certain illegal activities, there are still doubts about how it would affect privacy.

In conjunction, these approaches to policies, laws, products and practices can undermine digital security and, as a consequence, erode the security and reliability of the global Internet. The argument of the developers is that they fear that these data will end up falling into the wrong hands, and they would be responsible. In addition, they fear what this could mean for certain users with sensitive information.

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